Baptism officiants in Quebec

What is baptism? How is it celebrated?

Originally, the word Baptism represented a Christian rite of admission of an individual into the christian community and was often marked by the purifying ritual of water.
Today, with the baptismal welcoming ceremony, or “blessing ceremony”, we are affirming our love and happiness at  the arrival of the child. 
By giving the child God-parents, the dressing of white clothing to signify the purity of his soul and spirit, and with the purification by water, we are keeping some of the ancient traditions.
The use of the baptismal candle used in our ritual,  represents the light that will guide the child throughout his life.  
Le Nouveau Penser, being a non-denominational organization, can offer you a ceremony adapted to your personal beliefs and wishes.


What are the payment terms when booking a ceremony?

To confirm your reservation, your officiant will request to send him adeposit of 200$ within the following two (2) weeks via an Interac transfer to his email address.

The balance owed must be paid no later than one (1) month prior to the ceremony.

Please Note:  Full payment amount may be made with the initial payment, if you prefer.

What is the price of the ceremony?

The price of our services varies depending on how far the celebrant must travel to get to your ceremony location.

This service is turnkey. It includes the initial phone conversation, opening the case file, preparation of the ceremony, celebrant travel, celebration and taxes. No other fees will be added to this amount.

How does one make a reservation with Le Nouveau Penser organization?

An official reservation can be made by phone or email.

We will need the following information:
  • Date and time of the ceremony
  • Name and full civic address of the ceremony venue
  • Parent’s name
  • Two phone numbers, ideally cellular
  • Name of your child
  • Place of birth
  • Date of birth
  • Names of godparents
  • Your preference for the officiant: male, female, or no preference

If contacting us by email, please leave your phone number to reach you and the best time for us to do so. We will recommend a celebrant who will contact you within 24 hours.

You also have two options:

  • Contact the officiant of your choice directly. (Consult the list of all our officiants, and their contact details on the site)
  • Contact the office of Le Nouveau Penser.  We are open every day of the week from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. 1-514-254-2951 or

How long in advance do we need to book for our ceremony date?

We recommend that you reserve your date as early as possible. In practice, you can make your reservation as soon as you know the date, time and place of your ceremony.

What happens if our celebrant is ill or incapacitated on the day of the ceremony?

Le Nouveau Penser gathers several officiants. If, for some major reason, your official celebrant is unable to perform your ceremony, we will authorize a replacement who will respect the date and place of your ceremony.

When can the ceremony take place?

At the time of your choice, weekdays, weekends, days, or evenings.

How long is the ceremony?

It takes approximately 25 to 30 minutes to complete the ceremony.

Can relatives participate in the ceremony?

Yes, we do encourage their participation, Time is even allocated to it. Whether reading a text, a poem or playing a musical instrument, as per your wishes.

Can our ceremony be written in both languages?

The ceremony can be presented in French, in English, or in both languages simultaneously, when possible.  It could possibly be presented in other languages, upon request.


Can the texts used at our ceremony be modified?

The texts can be modified according to your requirements, with the agreement of the celebrant.

How will the officiant be dressed?

The celebrant usually wears a stole over his civilian dress, he or she can wear an alb and a stole to better suit your wishes.

Where can we celebrate our ceremony?

Your ceremony can be held anywhere. Here is a list of places where we have already celebrated.

How many meetings will we have with the officiant?

There is no required meeting.

What documents are we required to provide?

No legal document is required.

Do you provide a document stating that the baptism has taken place?

Yes, we give you a souvenir document “certificate” from our corporation attesting that your child has been baptized and signed by the celebrant.

Do we need a godmother and a godfather for the baptism?

We suggest that there is a godmother and godfather or any combination of those..

What are the religious, legal or juridical conditions to baptize a child?


Later on in life, can my child be married religiously?

As an adult this person will choose to be baptised or married in accordance with the dogma of a religion.

Does baptism allow the child to marry in the future?

It is the birth certificate from the Directeur du bureau de l’état civil du Québec that allows the person to be married and not the baptism certificate.

Does baptism require to be registered at the government?

None is required, registration of birth is declared at hospital when the child is born.

You are a “non-denominational” organization, what does this term mean?

Le Nouveau Penser  is not tied to any faith, whether Catholic, Jewish, Orthodox, or otherwise, therefore we respect everyone’s individual religious beliefs.Our philosophy is one of respect, humanism and unity. Consequently, the texts chosen for your ceremony will take into account your beliefs or your non-beliefs.

Contact Le Nouveau Penser to find out more information on our baptismal celebrations.

For more information on the organization and conduct of our baptismal services, contact one of our officiants or call our office at 514 254-2951 or via our contact page.