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Le Nouveau Penser has officiants at the four corners of Quebec and proposes marriages, vows renewal, baptism, funeral ceremonies

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Originally, Baptism is a Christian sacrament marked by a ritual use of water purifying and admitting the recipient to the Christian community.


Today, with the baptismal, welcoming ceremony or blessing ceremony, we are affirming the love and happiness for the presence of the child. Giving the child god-parents, the use of white clothing and purification with water, is therefore pursuing the tradition.


Welcoming a child in our community of human being that we are, accompanied by god-parents or not, is a warm greeting of good wishes representing each and everyone present for this special moment. The use of the baptismal candle represent the light that will guide the child through his life.


Le Nouveau Penser present you a significant welcoming ceremony for your child in accordance to your beliefs and traditions.


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