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Le Nouveau Penser has officiants at the four corners of Quebec and proposes marriages, vows renewal, baptism, funeral ceremonies

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Frequently asked questions

Regarding one day officiant


Is it favorable to choose a family member, a friend as a one day officiant for our marriage ?


Two situations appear

1) Unfortunately this person cannot offer his replacement in case of an emergency situation.



The marriage must be officiated by this person mentioned and at the date referred on the one time licence from the Directeur de l'état civil.


2) What happens if required documents do not meet expectancies ?

The Directeur de l'état civil will refuse to register your marriage; therefore you will not be legally married.


Where can we officiate a marriage ?

Our officiants are fully licensed by the Directeur de l'état civil to officiate at any given place with a civic address in the province of Quebec.


When can we officiate a marriage ?

You may get married at any given time on a weekday, weekend or evening.


How long does a ceremony last ?

About 25 to 30 minutes.


Are friends and family allowed to participate in the ceremony ?

Certainly, we encourage the future bride and groom to bring loved one's to participate in the ceremony with a reading, music performance and many more creative ideas.


May we modify wording and text of the ceremony ?

We may make modifications in accordance to your preferences with the approval of your officiant. Please note that the text from the obligations of the civil law cannot be modified.


How will the officiant be dressed ?

Usually people prefers the officiant to be dressed in civilian clothing, they may also be dressed with a robe, a white gown and stole in order to meet your beliefs.


How many meetings are required with the officiant ?

Usually a first appointment with the officiant at his office will demand at least 60 minutes and it is decided in accordance with his and your availability. A second one will be for the signing of the publications of the bans with one person who will witness the written information on the document.


How much is the officiant's fee for a marriage ?

The fee varies in accordance with the distance the officiant has to cover. Please note that it is a turn-key fee pertaining to the ceremony.

  • Opening the application fil
  • Meeting with the officiant
  • Filing of the application
  • Transport to the venue of the ceremony
  • The ceremony
  • Registration of the marriage at l'état civil
  • Taxes


Contact us to obtain the fee at the venue of your choice for your marriage.


Do we need witnesses on the wedding day ?

Each spouse on the wedding day needs a witness to sign the declaration of marriage.


Can a marriage ceremony be officiated bilingually ?

We have officiants that are able to offer bilingual services. French, English, Italian, Spanish and Iranian.


Do we need to make the reservation in advance for our marriage ceremony ?

We recommend that you do as soon as you decide the time, date and place of the venue for your wedding ceremony. Please note, the law requires that the publication of the bans must be posted in the juridical district of the venue 20 days before the wedding, In order to proceed with this obligation of the law, we must bring together in advance, all the required documents to go ahead with the publication.


What are the required documents to proceed with a marriage ?

In a first case marriage the required document is the birth certificate from the Directeur de l’état civil for a person born in Quebec or from the province of origin or country of origin. The certificate must be written in French or English. A certificate written in a foreign language other than French or English has to be translated by a member of the Order of Quebec translators Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agrées du Québec.


Regarding a divorced person, a divorce certificate is required and may be obtain through the clerk office at the Court House of your district


In the situation that a spouse is deceased, a Death certificate is required.


I was born in Quebec and have in my possession a birth certificate, how do I know if it is valid ?

First, it must not be plasticized. Looking on the left part of the document halfway to bottom there is a number starting with 119... This document should be valid if printed on the blue filigran official paper from the government.


I am born in Quebec and do not have on hand my birth certificate, how do I go about ordering it ?


Look up the web site of the Directeur de l'État civil du Quebec You may print or complete directly on site the document to order your birth certificate. The delay is 10 workdays to receive your certificate. The situation is urgent, you may order with the accelerated method and the delay will be 3 workdays.


Is the registration of the marriage made by the Officiant ?

The officiant by his licence is committed to assemble all the required documents and register the wedding at l'État civil of the province of Quebec. Upon receiving the declaration of marriage at the government, you will receive a letter to that effect and you will be invited to order your wedding certificate. The officiant by law is not authorized to file for the wedding certificate in your name.


How do we go about reserving with Le Nouveau Penser ?

The reservation is made as soon as you have decided upon the day, time and venue for your marriage.

On our website look-up your region and team with one of our officiant or call the office of Le Nouveau Penser at (514) 254-2951. Our directors will note the information pertaining to your marriage and will designate the next available person to officiate your marriage. This officiant will call you in the next 24 hours.


How do we go about payment for the reservation of marriage ?

Within two weeks of the reservation Le Nouveau Penser requires to have in hand a 200$ deposit to confirm your reservation. Usually it is paid by check, money order, bank transfer, or via Paypal. (15$ extra charge applies in this situation). Upon reception of your deposit you will receive a confirmation and receipt.


What is the meaning of non confessional organization or without confession ?

The meaning is that we are not related to any particular religion and that ceremonies are officiated in the respect of everyone's beliefs and religion.